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At our clinic, we ensure that every first-time visitor feels welcomed with open arms. Upon arrival, our friendly staff will guide you through the process of having your records taken, followed by a few essential x-rays and a digital scan to create precise models for your treatment. Our experienced doctors, Dr. Bookwalter or Dr. Skulski, will then conduct a thorough examination to assess your unique needs. After the exam, we take great care in customizing a treatment plan specifically tailored to you, ensuring the best possible outcome for your health and well-being. Trust us to make your first visit a comfortable and informative experience that sets the foundation for your journey towards better health.

Our Patient Forms

In preparation for your first visit to our office, we kindly request that you complete the necessary patient forms. These forms help us gather essential information about your medical history and specific needs, allowing us to provide you with the best possible care. Please select and fill out the appropriate form based on your age group: Child/Teen Form for patients under 18 years old, or Adult Form for patients 18 years and older. Additionally, it is crucial to complete the Medical History Form, which provides us with vital information about your past and present health conditions. Completing these forms prior to your appointment ensures a smoother and more efficient experience during your initial visit. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Financial and insurance information


At our orthodontic office, we understand the importance of making dental care accessible and affordable for our patients. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide variety of payment and dental insurance options to suit your individual needs. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to working with you to help you understand your insurance benefits, navigate the claims process, and maximize your coverage. Additionally, we provide flexible payment plans and financing options to ensure that you can receive the orthodontic care you deserve without financial stress. Our goal is to make your journey towards a healthier, more confident smile as seamless and worry-free as possible by offering comprehensive financial and insurance support.

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